Monday, June 11, 2012

Kreator's New Album

German thrash metal titans, KREATOR, have released a new single in advance of their forthcoming album, Phantom Antichrist. The new song is the title track and one of ten new songs to comprise the new album, penned by founding member, Mille Petrozza. The new album will be the band’s 13th to date, and it’s first since 2009′s Hordes of Chaos, the band’s most commercially accessible release, having peaked at number 165 on the Billboard 200.
The new single, Phantom Antichrist, follows in the vein of Hordes of Chaos, and we might even be so bold as to say that this song, by first listen, may be the most commercially viable thrash effort of the band’s career to date. And for us, that’s not at all a bad thing. The band continues to tread into more accessible territory without at all compromising their sound or values, which is to be commended. Their unforgiving brand of thrash still sounds quite fresh and invigorating, even after more than 25 years of album releases, which began with 1985′s now-classic, Endless Pain.
The new album, out on Nuclear Blast, is set for release in the U.S. on June 1, 2012.